Next JASA Perth Meeting

March 23, 2012 at 6:33 AM (General News, Perth Chapter Meeting Details)

Greetings and Salutations to my Fellow Perth Janeites and any other Janeite who happens upon this blog. I do hope you are all keeping well.

I just wanted to remind you all that we are scheduled to meet again next month, specifically Saturday 14th April at 2:30pm, the usual place. (For those who would like to come along and don’t know ‘the usual place’, do send me an email at – – and I shall let you know the top secret details regarding ‘the usual place’.)

There is no specific Jane Austen reading for our April meeting as Lauris is presenting a little talk on the subject of ‘Sisters in Jane Austen’s Novels and Life’, which means you could read your favourite Jane Austen novel or some of her letters to Cassandra in order to have some interesting things to add to the conversation. Or you can simply come along, sit, listen, drink tea, eat cake and just enjoy being in the company of your Fellow Janeites.

My apologies for not having posted any Jane Austen related news since, I think, December. You are not the only blog I have been ignoring, or the writing assignment I have been avoiding. My nickname is Queen Procrastinator for a reason.

I have been frantically scanning my¬†Jane Austen’s Regency World collection so I can post interesting articles that you may have missed and will endeavour to pop a few ‘sister’ related ones here before the meeting in case you wanted to do some prep for April 14.

Once again, I invite my Fellow Perth Janeites to send me any little tit-bits, photos, or blessays, (Stephen Fry lingo for blog essays), that they would like to have posted here. This is a blog for all of us, by all of us. Have you just been to Jane Austen Land and wish to brag to the rest of us, then write a little brag and send some tantalising photos and I will post for all to see and envy over.

Until the next time,


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