Time for another Get Together for the Perth Janeites

July 25, 2012 at 10:56 AM (Perth Chapter Meeting Details)

I apologise to my fellow Perth Janeites for my bloggy absence recently. I have a rather pathetic excuse, but I won’t go into that here.

I have popped online to let you know about our next meeting on Saturday 4th August, same time, same place. For those who stumble across this blog and would like to join us at our meeting, please email our Meeting Coordinator Helen at jasaperth@hotmail.com for the particulars of the meeting.

The topic for this meeting will involve watching the various adaptations of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ focussing on the proposal scene. Helen has gathered together several versions of the book for us all to watch together and then discuss.

You may want to prep for the meeting by reading Chapter 34 of P&P to see how Miss Austen intended for it to go.

As soon as I have chapters one and two of my thesis properly drafted and delivered to the hands of my most-patient supervisor and my poor friend who has acquiesced to my request for her to proof to my thesis, I shall pop back here and post a few articles I have been meaning to share with you for aaaages.

Don’t forget that if you wished to contribute to the blog with posts of your own, do send them along to me at moab.is.my.washpot@hotmail.com, along with any visuals you might want to include, and I will be happy to post them here on your behalf, with proper accreditation, naturally!

Until we meet again, Happy Janeing!


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