Jane Austen: Worth Banking On?

June 27, 2013 at 6:39 PM (Jane Austen in the News)

Greetings All. Our former Meeting Coordinator, Jo has tweeted me news of the great debate currently going on in the Mother Country about who should adorn the new 10 quid note. The Women’s Room has been discussing via Twitter (@TheWomensRoomUK – https://twitter.com/TheWomensRoomUK) possible female candidates. Some gentlemen have been appalled by the thought of having some sheila adorning the currency. Downright horrified they have been, my friend, Mary has reported to me. Well, you know chaps, you have had the monopoly on the currency for some time and you can’t go about claiming that the Queen has been on it for 60 years because she is the monarch and, while absolutely fabulous, does not count when it comes to this particular debate.

While you know I am a fan of the great Jane Austen and am an Arts person by temperament, I have been following the science and political candidates put forward by @TheWomensRoomUK followers with great interest and have come to the conclusion that one of the great, unheralded science ladies should become the face of the new 10 quid note. My reasoning is that a good proportion of the literate world are already quite familiar with Jane Austen and the other great female writers, but some of the science ladies being put forward, well, I had no idea who they were and after Googling some of them, thought that they achievements should be known about and maybe getting their mugshot on a bank note would be a good way to start.


That’s my two-cents worth. I leave you here with the link Jo tweeted me.



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