10 Signs of Jane Austen Addiction

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My friend emailed a link to an article by The Huffington Post‘s Deborah Yaffe in which she poses 10 questions that will help you determine whether you are a Jane Austen addict.

As I have done all my chores at work and my shift is nearly over, which leaves me little time for thesising, I thought I would answer the questions to see if I need to address another addiction with my counsellor next week. I don’t know what you think, but I would say that my addiction is on the healthy side. My admiration for the great lady, who will adorn England’s new 10 quid note, much to the dismay of many misogynistic old farts, does not interfere with the daily functioning of my life, which I think is the primary sign that one’s addiction has gone to the dark side.


Anyways… Here be my responses to the 10 signs of Jane Austen Addiction, so I leave you to judge for yourselves. Do feel free to send through your own responses either in the comments field or send us a link to your own blog!


10. Do you give Jane Austen board books as baby presents.

I haven’t done this, but I have given Ashley a little quid copy of Jane’s ‘History of England’ in which she vilifies Elizabeth I, the one issue on which we don’t agree.


9. You skipped lunch to watch Episode 98 of ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries‘.

I haven’t heard of this. I don’t think I want to. Sounds dreadful!

8. You compare people you know to Jane Austen characters.

I have certainly done this on occasion. I’ve met LOTS of Lady Catherine’s. Unfortunately, I have only ever encountered one Captain Wentworth and he was already someone else’s Captain Wentworth.

7. You bought an Empire-waist ball gown, even though it’s not your look.

I don’t waste money on clothes, particularly items that are not my look. I just collect pictures of other women looking lovely in theirs.

6. Someone gave you a Jane Austen Action Figure.

Oh no! I so want one, but I haven’t liked any of the figures. The faces have looked weird on the ones I have seen. And besides, they don’t make a Captain Wentworth one. I would definitely get a Captain Wentworth one!

5. The Republic of Pemberley is your home page.

Not my home page, but I visit regularly and have purchased t-shirts from them, which turned out couldn’t fit over my ‘girls’. American Jane Austen Addicts must have small bosoms. My niece has them now. She too will become a Jane Austen Addict once I’ve finished with her.


4. You have mixed feelings about Cassandra Austen.

I adore her, but I still can’t believe she burned so many of her sister’s letters. However, this, perhaps, makes her a good sister. Although, given that I still love Jane after reading the letters that are extant and not being too appalled by some of her pronouncements on her acquaintances, I can’t see what else she may have written that would destroy my affection for her entirely. Hmm? I think that means I have mixed feelings about Cassandra.

3. You cry when you visit Chawton.

I do get a little welled up. The first time I visited the Big House at Chawton, I did cry. I comforted myself with 2 slices of the best lemon drizzle cake I have ever tasted in my entire life and sitting in the garden concocting a research project that would gain me access to the lovely library there. After I have finished my thesis, of course.

2. You own all the books, but you’re still buying copies.

I am always on the look out for the perfect edition, although I think my 1990′s Folio Society box set will do me just fine. I did have to get Penguin pocket sized editions of Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice (my favourites) that could be popped into the coat pocket of my lovely M&S long black coat. When I replace this coat, which I need to as I have worn it to death, I will be taking one of these pocket editions to make sure that the new coat will also accommodate them.


1. Your DVD of “Pride and Prejudice” skips automatically to the wet-shirt scene.

It doesn’t skip automatically to it, but I know exactly at what point my iTunes downloaded version needs to be forwarded to so I can enjoy it again and again. I am also rather eager to get back to the UK so I can visit the 12-foot wet-shirted Colin statue in Hyde Park! And I know exactly which scene to skip to on my copy of the 1995 version of Persuasion to hear Anne/Captain Wentworth read the most romantic letter ever written, before I turn it off in a sobbing wave of envy to fling myself onto my bed and weep for the romance that I don’t have in my life.



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